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Phoenixville Home Staging Success

About This Project

These are the stories we love to tell. This home had a lot of moving parts (and people), but we were able to stage this Phoenixville home beautifully and it sold in record time. Just three days on the market!
The Household

Homeowner, Ms H, son, daughter in law, a 9 month old grandson and one medium-sized, fluffy dog lived in a beautiful home in a newer development — 4 Bedrooms, finished basement, 3.5 baths.

The Situation

The son and daughter in law recently moved from Florida with their 9 month old and were temporarily living with the mother while building a larger home nearby for the whole family. With the merging of the two families, every room had to serve multiple purposes. Consequently, furniture lined almost every wall. For the house to get top dollar, it needed to be decluttered, reenvisioned, and optimized to attract top dollar.

The Consult

During our initial free consult, we quickly agreed to get a storage unit and identified certain things that were taking up valuable space and making the home look much smaller than it actually was. We laid out a detailed plan including moving the TV on top of the mantel while keeping a list of everything they had to have to still make this their home. A plan was laid.

Day 1: With three staff members, we did a whole walkthrough to review all the contents of the home. We went from room to room and labeled the things that needed to be moved into storage. This included furniture, boxes, clothes and general household goods. We packed and labeled everything and then began reutilizing as much of the homeowners remaining contents as possible.

Day 2: Our team packed the moving truck with all the storage items. We took detailed stock of what remained and headed to The TurnKeys 6,000 square foot warehouse to pick the perfect items for each and every room. Care was given to bring out the charm and utility of each and every space with expertly selected accent furniture, soft goods, art, decor, plant goods and soft materials.

Day 3: On the final day, our staff of 4 spent the day optimizing every room including hanging pictures and mirrors, filling in holes in walls and touching up paint. This was a collaborative effort with the homeowner. We continually reinforced the location of the belongings we moved, we taught them how to live in a staged home and left them with clear instructions on what to do before a viewing.

Number of Days on Market

House Sold in 3 Days!

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