The TurnKeys - Home Staging Process for Maximum Impact
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Our Process

Our goal is to highlight your home’s best architectural features making it stand out amongst the competition and to maximize your home’s value in the current real estate market.
While many of our techniques are leveraged across most of the homes we service, each home is unique. That’s why we consider all of the details of your property and craft a plan specific to your home. The plan is usually the single most important part of the process. Start to finish, we complete even the most complex of home staging challenges in just a few days.

How It Works

The Planning Phase

The plan we craft routinely involves rearranging existing furniture — if there is any — to improve traffic patterns, maximize square footage, and to allow better visualization by potential buyers. We define, de-clutter and depersonalize to appeal to the your home’s most likely buyers.

Our recommendations are squarely focused on investments that will have the greatest return and quick fixes that show your house has been lovingly updated and maintained. The goal is to position your home to sell quickly and for the top dollar possible. Our processes and expertise are your best insurance to sell your home quickly for the most money.

Augmenting Your Existing Décor

We love to come into your home and work with your furnishings and décor. WE COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND that it can be challenging to have strangers change the place that you call home.

Typically, we will optimize your existing contents and then accent your home with needed items from our warehouse. We might add a wowing piece of art, fresh pillows, or a different sofa! A secondary but real benefit is that our process allows you to get a jump start on packing for your impending move. We’ll label, organize and give you great ideas that many of our clients implement in their new home.

Working From a Blank Slate

Maybe you’ve already had to move or you’ve chosen to drastically downsize. That’s no problem. We have a 6,000 square foot warehouse filled with furniture, soft goods, art and plant materials that will be expertly curated to accent your particular home’s best characteristics.

We focus first on the most important areas of the home: the common areas, master bedroom, and the kitchen. Next we zero in on difficult rooms or tricky spaces, clearly defining purpose and added value. We can easily add playrooms, nurseries, offices, outdoor living, and any other space you may have.


When Should I Stage My Home?

Stage Your Home the Day it first goes on the Market

The average buyer spends 11 hours online searching by zip code, location, amenities and schools. These are fixed benefits/constraints. The seller can control the price point with the expertise of a professional Realtor and the presentation of the home with a professional stager.

Your buyer will most likely fall in love with your home via online photos. They will see your home to confirm “bricks and sticks”. Pictures must speak a thousand words. Your most likely buyer is one of the first three showings. Your home should be in it’s best condition Day 1 on the market.

Stage Your Home Prior to Any Price Reduction

Many homeowners will stage their home prior to establishing a sale price. Representing your house in it’s best condition results in a maximum asking price relative to your competition.

Critical information: Always consider staging before a home price reduction. Here’s why….the National average to stage a home is .05-1% of the house cost. The National average initial price reduction is at minimum 5%. Why not spend 1% to keep 4% and ALSO give yourself the possibility of getting more money than ask. Right-priced staged homes often get multiple offers that can result in over asking price offers!

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